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Postage stamps show so many beautiful images and forms, and I love books and libraries. So it seemed like a good idea to become a topical stamp collector, starting with books and libraries, perhaps later adding other topics of interest.

It was fun to go scouting for stamps about books and libraries. But I was surprised to find that it was also educational. I'd had no idea of the wide international scope of libraries, with many stamps coming from countries we think of as "third world," not just from the advantaged west. And my imagination was also enriched by discovering the infinity of ways in which books could be drawn, painted, or otherwise represented. And written about...an article about "bibliophilately" by George Eberhart (who invented the word) includes at least 10 active authors and bloggers who can help to enrich one's knowledge of this esoteric branch of topical stamp collecting.

Some of the blogs and articles display many examples of stamps, but I didn't find any that were exhaustive. Thus it seems a worthwhile contribution to add my own collection of over 1,500 stamps from 56 countries for web viewing.

- Justine, the stamp collector

Justine's Stamps is a digital version of a personal stamp collection. The site was built to make Justine's collection more accessible for personal and research purposes. To learn how the stamps are digitized and managed on the site, please see Technical Notes. Descriptive information is provided to enrich the viewing, and, unless otherwise credited, is taken from the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, or from private correspondence with philatelic librarians/experts. Comments and questions are welcome.

- Amy, the digital librarian


Eberhart, G. M. (1982). Biblio-Philately: Libraries and Librarians on World Postage Stamps. American Libraries, 13(6), 382-386.

Technical Notes about this Site

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